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1215 class

power:  hp
weight:  lbs
tractive effort:&Unbsp; lbs @ mph
fuel capacity:  gals
alternator / generator: 
dynamic brakes: 
traction motors: 
gear ratio: 
model builder name,
date, number
history   italics show road
  number's location in history
1215:2 SSB1200 ATSF 28May76
[EMC Sep39 927]
exx-NW2 2365 [date],
ex-2415 rnum 23May45,
ret 12Jul72,
rnum/rblt/rpnt to SSB1200 1215:2
  BYW2 paint 28May76
ret [date],
to AMTK 550 7Sep84 for SDP40F
1216:2 SSB1200 ATSF 29Dec78
[EMD Mar43 1769]
exxx-NW2 2366,
exx-2416 rnum 17May45,
ex-1416 rnum 22Aug74,
ret 8Dec77,
rnum/rblt/rpnt to SSB1200 1216:2
  BYW2 paint 29Dec78
ret [date],
to AMTK 551 10Sep84 for SDP40F
1217:2 SSB1200 ATSF 31Jan75
[EMC Aug39 917]
exx-NW2 2355:1,
ex-2405 rnum 9Jun45,
rnum/rblt/rpnt to SSB1200 1217:2
  BYW2 paint 31Jan75
ret [date],
to AMTK 552 16Sep84 for SDP40F
1220:2 SSB1200 ATSF 23Feb78
[EMD May53 18086]
exx-SW9x63 2420,
ex-1420x63 rnum 22Aug74,
ret 30Aug77,
rblt/rnum/rpnt to SSB1200 1220:2/1220x63
  BYW2 paint 23Feb78x63
ret [date],
to AMTK 553 7Sep84
1221:2 SSB1200 ATSF 23Feb79
[EMD May53 18087]
exx-SW9 2421,
ex-1421 rnum 22Aug74,
ret 20Nov78,
rblt/rnum/rpnt to SSB1200 1221:2
  BYW2 paint 23Feb79
ret [date],
to AMTK 554 24Sep84
1222:2 SSB1200 ATSF 3Jan74
[EMD May53 18088]
ex-SW9 2422,
ret 16Oct73,
rblt/rnum/rpnt to SSB1200 1222:2
  BYW2 paint 3Jan74
ret [date],
to AMTK 555 31Aug84
1223:2 SSB1200 ATSF 15Mar74
[EMD May53 18089]
ex-SW9 2423,
rblt/rnum/rpnt to SSB1200 1223:2
  BYW2 paint 15Mar74
ret [date],
to AMTK 556 24Sep84
1224:2 SSB1200 ATSF 17Apr78
[EMD May53 18090]
exx-SW9x63 2424,
ex-1424x63, rnum Aug74,
ret 29Dec77,
rblt/rnum/rpnt to SSB1200 1224:2/1224x63
  BYW2 paint 17Apr78x63
ret [date],
to AMTK 557 9Sep84
1225:2 SSB1200 ATSF 27Oct78
[EMD May53 18091]
exx-SW9 2425,
ex-1425 rnum Aug74,
ret 3May78,
rblt/rnum/rpnt to SSB1200 1225:2
  BYW2 paint 27Oct78
ret [date],
to AMTK 558 7Sep84
1226:2 SSB1200 ATSF 18May78
[EMD May53 18092]
exx-SW9 2426,
ex-1426 rnum Aug74,
ret 2Feb78,
rblt/rnum/rpnt to SSB1200 1226:2
  BYW2 paint 18May78
ret [date],
to AMTK 559 7Sep84
1227:2 SSB1200 ATSF 15Jun79
[EMD May53 18093]
exx-SW9 2427,
ex-1427 rnum Aug74,
ret 29Feb79,
rblt/rnum/rpnt to SSB1200 1227:2
  BYW2 paint 15Jun79
ret 13Dec84,
to GE Dec84,
to Goodyear 1227 Jun87
1228:2 SSB1200 ATSF 24Jul78
[EMD May53 18094]
exx-SW9 2428,
ex-1428 rnum Aug74,
ret 1Mar78,
rblt/rnum/rpnt to SSB1200 1228:2
  BYW2 paint 24Jul78
ret [date],
to AMTK 560 10Sep84
1229:2 SSB1200 ATSF 19Nov79
[EMD May53 18095]
exx-SW9 2429,
ex-1429 rnum Aug74,
ret 18Jul79,
rblt/rnum/rpnt to SSB1200 1229:2
  BYW2 paint 19Nov79
ret [date],
to SDIY 1229 24Sep84,
to Texas Northeastern 1229
to New Orleans & Lower Coast
  1229 ???95
1230:2 SSB1200 ATSF 20Mar78
[EMD May53 18096]
exx-SW9x63 2430,
ex-1430x63 rnum Aug74,
ret 23Nov77,
rblt/rnum/rpnt to SSB1200 1230:2/1230x63
  BYW2 paint 20Mar78x63
ret [date],
to AMTK 561 10Sep84,
to Sisseton Milbank 651 [date]
1231:2 SSB1200 ATSF 27Jun78
[EMD May53 18097]
exx-SW9 2431,
ex-1431 rnum Aug74,
ret 18Feb77,
rblt/rnum/rpnt to SSB1200 1231:2
  BYW2 paint 27Jun78
ret [date],
to AMTK 562 Sep84
1232:2 SSB1200 ATSF 26Apr74
[EMD May53 18098]
ex-SW9 2432,
rblt/rnum/rpnt to SSB1200 1232:2
  BYW2 paint 26Apr74
ret [date],
to AMTK 563 31Aug84
1233:2 SSB1200 ATSF 30Nov78
[EMD May53 18099]
exx-SW9 2433,
ex-1433 rnum Aug74,
ret 23Jul78,
rblt/rnum/rpnt to SSB1200 1233:2
  BYW2 paint 30Nov78
ret [date],
to AMTK 564 31Aug84,
to NRE [date],
to Chino Mines ???96/97
1234:2 SSB1200 ATSF 21Sep78
[EMD Dec53 18959]
exx-SW9 2434,
ex-1434 rnum Aug74,
ret 14Mar78,
rblt/rnum/rpnt to SSB1200 1234:2
  BYW2 paint 21Sep78
ret 5Dec84,
to U. S. Steel 14 Dec84
1235:2 SSB1200 ATSF 27Feb74
[EMD Dec53 18960]
ex-SW9 2435,
rblt/rnum/rpnt to SSB1200 1235:2
  BYW2 paint 27Feb74
ret 13Dec84,
to GE Dec84,
to Celanese Corp 1235 Jun87
1236:2 SSB1200 ATSF 31Jan78
[EMD Dec53 18961]
exx-SW9x63 2436,
ex-1436 rnum Aug74,
ret 26Sep77,
rblt/rnum/rpnt to SSB1200 1236:2/1236x63
  BYW2 paint 31Jan78x63
ret 5Dec84,
to U. S. Steel 15 Dec84
1237:2 SSB1200 ATSF 29Mar74
[EMD Dec53 18962]
ex-SW9 2437,
rblt/rnum/rpnt to SSB1200 1237:2
  BYW2 paint 29Mar74
ret 4Dec84,
to Rail-Tex Dec84,
to SDIY 1237 [date],
to Texas Northeastern [date],
to New Orleans & Lower Coast
to New England Central Apr98
1238:2 SSB1200 ATSF 23Aug78
[EMD Dec53 18963]
exx-SW9 2438,
ex-1438 rnum Aug74,
ret 11Apr78,
rblt/rnum/rpnt to SSB1200 1238:2
  BYW2 paint 23Aug78
ret 5Dec84,
to U. S. Steel 1 Dec84
1239:2 SSB1200 ATSF 8Feb74
[EMD Jun59 25224]
ex-SW1200 2439:1,
ret 28Nov73,
rblt/rnum/rpnt to SSB1200 1239:2
  BYW2 paint 8Feb74
ret [date],
to AMTK 565 31Aug84
1240:2 SSB1200 ATSF 7Dec73
[EMD Jun59 25225]
ex-SW1200 2440:1,
ret 19Oct73,
rblt/rnum/rpnt to SSB1200 1240:2
  BYW2 paint 7Dec73
ret [date],
to AMTK 566 31Aug84
1241:2 SSB1200 ATSF 10Dec79
[EMD Jul59 25226]
exx-SW1200 2441:1,
ex-1441 rnum Aug74,
ret 7Sep79,
rblt/rnum/rpnt to SSB1200 1241:2
  BYW2 paint 10Dec79
ret [date],
to AMTK 567 31Aug84
1242:2 SSB1200 ATSF 30Apr79
[EMD Jun50 12360]
exx-TR4A 2418L,
ex-1418L rnum 23Aug74,
ret 15Dec78,
rblt/rnum/rpnt to SSB1200 1242:2
  BYW2 paint 30Apr79
ret 5Dec84,
to U. S. Steel 5A Dec84
1243:2 SSB1200 ATSF 30Apr79
[EMD Jun50 12361]
exx-TR4B 2418A,
ex-1418A rnum 23Aug74,
ret 15Dec78,
rblt/rnum/rpnt to SSB1200 1243:2
  BYW2 paint 30Apr79
ret 5Dec84,
to U. S. Steel 5B Dec84
1244:2 SSB1200 ATSF 27Aug79
[EMD Jan51 13827]
exx-TR4A 2419L,
ex-1419L rnum 23Aug74,
ret 9Apr79,
rblt/rnum/rpnt to SSB1200 1244:2
  BYW2 paint 27Aug79
ret 30Apr85,
to Cooperative Farm Chemicals
  1244 1May85
1245:2 SSB1200 ATSF 27Aug79
[EMD Jan51 13828]
exx-TR4B 2419A,
ex-1419A 23Aug74,
ret 9Apr79,
rblt/rnum/rpnt to SSB1200 1245:2
  BYW2 paint 27Aug79
ret 30Apr85,
to Cooperative Farm Chemicals
  1245 1May85,
ret 16Jun89,
to KCLX 6813 Aug91
  x63 "Extra 2200 South," issue 63, January-March 1978.
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